First steps first

So.  Living here so far.

Apparently the more things I get out of here and into my house (my parent’s house, which will always be my home) the more clutter we seem to have over here.  Very weird phenomenon to watch.

Baby J’s things are NEVER organised, nor in their place.  EVER.  It just doesn’t happen no matter how much I pick up after her.  And so far I’ve moved out two huge trash bags full of toys.

There’s something about trying to condense all our possessions into the smallest place possible that makes it impossible to find anything.  I’ve tried many organising techniques and still, I loose basically everything I need at all times.  It drives me crazy.

That and discovering that my mother in law lets Baby J bite her crib (which will later transform into a full size bed).  I can’t get over that no matter how hard I try.   I also can not overcome the fact that there’s a lizard or a salamander in every room of this house and I HATE lizards and salamanders.

I also find one of these in nearly each laundry load I do.

Found in clean bed sheets. Because #HardcoreCountryLife

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That should give you an idea of how comfortable I’m here.  (Additional clue:  NOT AT ALL.)

That’s why a few weeks ago when we got a preliminar blueprint of manfriend’s future apartment I almost exploded of joy.  Not even because the master bedroom seems to be fourteen feet long, but because there is a master bedroom in there!  And another room for Baby J!! And a bathroom!  And get this:  a kitchen!

We are not even receiving the final blueprints until next month and we can’t even think about beginning to  build yet, but I’m gonna take that as a first step because I REALLY need a first step at this point.

And man, it looks good.

I hope you have a great beginning of the weekend!  Because OMG thank God for the weekend.  (Although I still have to work through it, I don’t care, at least there’s no calls involved in the weekend.)


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