Woodpecker in tree

A couple of days ago I was able to escape the craziness that work has been the last weeks to go on a walk.

I heard a thumping up in a tree in front of us at one point and looked up to find A WOODPECKER.  A living one, wood pecking in the wood.  I picked up Baby J to show it to her.  I think she made it out through the trees, something I wasn’t as lucky with the camera.  I tried anyway and managed to catch this horrible picture of the subject.


I’m gonna make up for the quality in enthusiasm:  THAT’S A REAL WOODPECKER IN A TREE.   In case you can’t imagine, I had never seen one before.  I heard one months back in a tree close to the house I’m living in but I couldn’t see it.  It was pretty cool for the biologist in me to see this famous bird.

I shared this with the cool people of the Look Up, Look Down Challenge.

Have a great day!

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