Get over it: Puerto Rican won the Powerball

I keep this blog generally politically free because I don’t like politics.

I don’t like to talk about politics or engage in any political activities, but I do have very clear and firm opinions about politics.

That said;  I’m going to take a minute to address this “news” because I feel like I have to.   It might not be the best week to do this since I’m terribly tired, overworked and sleep deprived but I’m gonna do it anyway because I can’t just let it go by and not say anything.  Probably because I’m sleep deprived.

So, a Puerto Rican won the power ball (along with two other winners) and there were some nasty tweets going around that I’m sure come from ignorance.  And also because there are idiots in this world, but whatever, I’m going to shine some light over the ignorance part.

This is my answer to some of the “questions” presented in tweeter:

– Obama has nothing to do with a Puerto Rican winning the power ball.  Seriously, nothing.  Unless he personally chose the winners, in which case I’m with you and yes, THANKS Obama.  The winner REALLY needed that money.

– We pay Federal Taxes.  WE PAY A LOT OF FREAKING FEDERAL TAXES.  We also pay medicare, social security, import/export taxes (the US also controls our Coastal Trading laws), and we serve in all branches of the military.  Our men are registered for drafting when they reach the age of eighteen.

–  Puerto Rico has tried to reach an agreement about statehood or independence with/from the US several times but nothing has ever been settled.  In fact, during the last eight years Puerto Ricans have chosen statehood in legal elections twice and we’ve basically been ignored.  It probably has to do with how it’s much more practical and profitable to have us as a protectorate.

–  We speak English.  Everyone takes an obligatory English course from first to twelfth grade.  We read A Christmas Carol, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and To Kill A Mockingbird in school.  If you want to say something nasty about a Puerto Rican in front of them use German.  We also study the history of the United States in school and college.

–  No one lets us play the power ball. We just do because we can.

– We became part of America when the island was formed I don’t know how long ago in our current location.  The United States are not America.  That whole thing in the left is America.  But we are also born American citizens, if that’s what you mean.  Yes, we can go to the states without a passport and stuff.  We have served as a trampoline point of trading for the US for very long and the US has used and rented our land for military practices, so maybe we’ve earned it.  Or maybe it’s just life, in any case, we don’t have anything to do with it.

If you feel outraged about that I’m sorry.  Maybe you should go take a very good, scrubbing shower with a very blue soap and see if that washes away your hatred towards people you’ve never met and don’t know anything about.  And read some books about something substancial on the way.

Other than that the very wise Marc Anthony (born in NY, US of A) used a phrase when he was boo-ed (in the same platform – eek tweeter) for singing the American hymn in a baseball game:  get over it.

Have a very nice Wednesday.

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