Express Yourself: Keds

These are my keds.


I bought them online a few years ago.  They were the last of a series of peculiar sneakers and tennis shoes that I bought for work just because I love sneakers and I wanted my feet to make a statement.

Most of the time the statement was that I appreciated fun footwear;  they were a sure way to express myself.

These babies always made heads turn and still make me smile when I see them, even though they’ve been worn beyond their reasonable use time.

You can see how other fellow wordpressers are expressing themselves in this week’s Photo Challenge.  I’m also sharing this with the cool people of the Look Up, Look Down Challenge, where I was, by the way, featured for my contribution last week.  I’m still blushing over here 🙂

Have a great day!


6 thoughts on “Express Yourself: Keds

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