Dancing Mondays: Goerge Ezra Edition

So the other day I’m watching the Ellen Show – which never happens, so I was exited! Feeling all accomplished and stuff – when she announced this boy as the music act.

He’s standing there and I’m thinking he doesn’t even look like someone that sings (and I don’t know what I mean by that either because, how does someone that sings looks anyway?)  and then he starts grooving.  Is there a better word?  That’s the best one I can find for what I felt inside, it was groovy!

And I’m all like WHY DON’T I KNOW WHO YOU ARE BOY?!  Why hadn’t I heard you before?!  I then remembered I barely listen to music anymore and pouted.  But I made up for it!  And now I know who he is and why he is awesome.

This is the performance I watched in Ellen:


See?  Awesome.  Also, what is it with the voices of those English blokes?!!! My God.  They just have this peculiarity to them.  Listening to Ezra made me thought of Robert Pattinson, who by the way, has this groovy blues to his singing, beautiful.

I have to note there’s some people commenting on how he has such a deep voice OMG we’ve never heard something like that before, to which I have a lot of answers, one of them is Josh Turner exists (and I love him).

I hope you grooved to that!  Have a great Monday 🙂


6 thoughts on “Dancing Mondays: Goerge Ezra Edition

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