Rescued little one

This sort of happens a lot around here.

Rescued flier.

Both because we are in the Hardcore Country Life and because we have crazy dogs who will sometimes carry chickens, alive, in their snouts to show how proficient they are as hunters.  This was not one their victims though.

This one just fell from a nearby tree and had to be hand-fed for a few hours while it’s wing recuperated.  I can not guarantee it’s current status, but I think it’s fine.

Have a fun weekend!


8 thoughts on “Rescued little one

    • narami says:

      It is both, but it’s also very challenging for someone like me, who grew up in the coast and doesn’t even speak like the people here, hence my tag Hardcore Country Life 😃.
      I find it very easy to connect with the nature around me, but hard to connect with the people.


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