Serenity: Ocean side


Nothing will ever be more serene to me than the view in that picture:  the ocean shore and a sunset falling behind it.

I remember when I was a child and one of my father’s brothers (they all lived in the very centre of this island) came to visit for the first time and they saw the ocean from our balcony (we live -and yes, I still talk like I live there even though I don’t, that’s my home- two streets away from the beach).  They all FREAKED OUT.

At first it took their breath away, because I guess that’s what the ocean does to someone who has never seen it like that, and then they started to feel fear.  I think it was because it was something that they had never experienced before and sometimes your brain will tell you to flee the unknown.

My aunt asked my mother if she was afraid of tsunamis and “how can you sleep at night being so close of the ocean?!”  My mother, ever so gracious, explained that tsunamis don’t just happen randomly (insert brief science lesson here) and then told her that she slept as well as she did.

Looking back on it, the correct answer was “I sleep as well as you do, and your house hangs from a hundred meter precipice, aren’t you terrified of what could happen in an earthquake?”

I find it funny now, that they ignored so much about the coast living in such a tiny island, but at that moment it confused me a little.  How could anyone be afraid of my home?

The sound of the waves crashing and the red of the sun in my  eyes:  serenity.

You can see other wordpresser’s interpretations at this week’s Photo Challenge. 


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