Tuesdays of Texture Week 4 of 2015

There must be an upside to all this HardCore Country Life, I keep telling myself and then one day I see this:

Yam string texture.

That’s organic soft yam.  A species that manfriend’s uncle cultivated just for baby J when she was younger because I mostly fed her organic home made food.

That day he just bought us the entire string and I ran outside to take a picture because I had never seen a yam string in my life and because LOOK AT IT.  Someone put a seed in the earth and it gave us THAT.  It’s amazing.

Last week we had a few of awesome contributions:

ladyleemanila shared all kinds of cool textures, including pizza!

klara shared some lively pigeons chowing.

kim took some time to observe what she was cleaning and shared the texture of a book shelve.

and De Tout Coer Limousin shared this:

Just a couple, so it’s very easy to check them out and leave some love 🙂

Have a great and textured Tuesday!


11 thoughts on “Tuesdays of Texture Week 4 of 2015

  1. yprior1 says:

    mmmm and mmm
    I love yams – and have to share that I have grown them – only once. and for two summers I grew purple potatoes – which make a pretty flower. I think this year I will try yams again – but wow – what a great shot with all the roots and what a nice uncle – I bet these had extra vitamins too ❤ ❤


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