Verde luz de monte y mar

One of the topics WordPress insists on making us write is the title of your blog.  Why you chose it, what it means.

This blog used to be just “narami” until almost two years ago.  I used to change the tag line almost monthly too because I was never satisfied.

Then one day, on the way to Plan Bonito in the quest to find the place where my great grandfather was born I heard a song and it all clicked.  I had finally found the name I had dreamed of.

You see, I always wanted a name that was a reflection of who I am but I don’t have enough wit to come up with that sort of thing so it took me more than ten years to hit the nail (apparently I’ve been blogging for almost fourteen years in May.  Apparently I’m ancient).

The song was one of my favorite songs of all time (OF ALL TIME!  She repeats with the stolen microphone in her hand), considered by most Puerto Ricans the “true” hymn of Puerto Rico (because the one we have was pretty much written for us by Spaniards who wanted something tame that wouldn’t provoke angst against their invasion into our country — oops!  End of tangent) it’s one of the most beloved pieces of music of the island and you can hear why.

Verde luz de monte y mar,
isla virgen del coral,
si me ausento de tus playas primorosas,
si me alejo de tus palmas silenciosas,
quiero volver, quiero volver.
A sentir la tibia arena
a dormir en tus riberas,
isla mía, flor cautiva,
para ti quiero tener.
Libre tu cielo,
sola tu estrella
isla doncella, quiero tener,
verde luz de monte y mar.

Verde Luz – Antonio Caban Vale (El Topo)

It translates to something like;

Green light of the mountains and the  sea
virgen island of coral,
if I’m absent of your exquisite beaches,
if I’m far from your silent palms,
I want to go back, I want to go back.
To feel the warm sand
to sleep in your shores,
my island, captive flower,
for you I want.
Your sky free, 
a lone star
maiden island, I want to have,
green light of mountains and the sea.
You can listen to it here:
It’s a love song dedicated to this piece of earth where we saw our first light and that many Puerto Ricans adore with passion, me being one of them.  And that’s what I am.
I’m a piece of this sand, and I’m a bit of these mountains.  I carry both in my being;  I grew up in the shore but my roots are in the tops of the peaks of it’s centre.
I’m of the mountains and the sea:  de monte y mar.

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