Fake snow for Christmas

This week’s Worpress Photo Challenge theme is New.  Well, here I show you something that is very new for everyone in Puerto Rico:


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That is “snow”.  
Plaza las Americas came up with this idea that we all would love it if it snowed inside the mall and they were spot on!  For the people of the caribbean, who often travel in winter just to have a snow experience, this was definitely the thing to go see this Christmas.

Apparently it was pretty realistic during the days before Christmas, as it was cold and made of something ice-like, but when we saw it – a day after Christmas – it was just foam, like the one used in parties. Not that I’ve ever been to one of those and soak myself in the foam and dance, wet until the wee hours of the morning. Ah, youth.

It was all very cool though because there was live music and people got really cheery waiting for the snow. The was chatter and a pretty cool attitude about sharing that moment as a community, which is something that sadly doesn’t happen very often.

Anyway, since this is also clearly a look up, I’m also sharing with the cool people of the Look Up, Look Down challenge.

I hope you have a very happy day!


2 thoughts on “Fake snow for Christmas

  1. Debbie Smyth says:

    What fun! This is a great idea. We have a tiny bit of this each year on one corner of London’s busy shopping street, Oxford Street. Because it’s outside it actually looks real for a moment or two. Of course, we could get the real stuff too, but that’s rare

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    • narami says:

      Oh, that must be so pretty to see! This is the first time a place as big as this one does it on a schedule and during the whole holiday season (which is still going on for us) but I’m sure it made a huge difference on their traffic and they should have the numbers to repeat it, we’ll see 🙂


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