Dancing Mondays: Puerto Rican Music Edition

Last Saturday I posted this video of a light show we saw at Plaza las Americas (the biggest mall of the caribbean, or so they say) and it reminded me that we are headed towards our Three Kings Day celebration and it’s time for some very Puerto Rican music (which, by the way, it’s what I listen to during Christmas and one of my favorite types of music in case you are a new reader and don’t know;  it will be mentioned again and again.  Also, HI!).

So, last year I did a Very Puerto Rican Series where I posted a song daily in twitter and I’m choosing the one I shared the fifth day to kick off this party.

*Music in Spanish ahead.  Music should not have barriers such as language, but I’m giving you a warning in case you want to skip this altogether.

You can also refer to this gem which is one of my absolute favorite pieces of ART (because it goes beyond music, the arrangements on that song are just magical) ever.

And yes, that is Marc Anthony being amazing as per usual.  And yes, he sounds even sexier in Spanish.  I don’t know how that happens either.

I hope you liked my little piece of culture.  Hope you have an excellent day!

PD I wrote this post about boleros and I don’t know why but I feel I should connect it here.  Maybe someone reading this will fall in love with that song.





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