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Mandarins. #organic #citrusgreen

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Organic mandarins!  So exited to find some of these when all the citrus in the island has been terribly affected by the evil Citrus Greening.  They are almost impossible to get.

Christmas red. #NoFilter #Holidays

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Christmas red!

Cool people posted cool stuff

Lucky Charms at west517

Words at Words on a Limb

Crystal Shapes at Friendlypics

3wordsChristmas Day 6 at Manuscript Tunes

The Miracle of a Dream Chapter 11 at Takeshi’s Flight

In the World Wide Web

And we are living in the future.  Except we are still waiting for the flying transportation:  Technology lets you touch virtual reality.

I had a night very close to this one on my trip to Vieques, something worth seeing:  the sky at night with no air pollution.

WE CAN BUY GIRL SCOUT COOKIES ONLINE.  There goes any kind of eating restrain during the holidays.

Brief tour of the world’s longest words.

Jimmy Fallon Entertainer of the Year in the Entertainment magazine.  

And here, click for your dose of vertigo for the week.


Chill down today and smile!

I like comments as much as I like naps. And I LOVE naps.

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