Sorry, wrong number

My history with wrong numbers began in 2003.
I had that boyfriend that was my boyfriend for eight years (EIGHT FREAKING YEARS WHAT WAS I THINKING) and my calls were mostly from and to him and my immediate family.

And then one night I began receiving calls from complete strangers, mostly women, interested in getting to know me.  Did I want to go out?  Have a drink?  Have sex later?  I was absolutely dumbfounded.  They got really angry when I told them I wasn’t interested in any of those things, mostly because I had a boyfriend and also I’m straight.  I could never really talk to them past all their insults afterwards.  There was a pair (oh yes, they called together) that kept leaving me horrible voicemails (basically insulting me for “being a closet wh***”) for a week before getting tired of harassing me.

A guy called me one night with the same line of interest and I told him I was going through this nightmarish time were strangers kept asking me out and I had no idea why but NO I DON’T WANT TO HAVE SEX TONIGHT.  He was extremely polite and explained to me that my number had been listed in a TV program that served as a dating place, for people that wanted to hook up and get down to it.

I thanked him profusely for finally clarifying the situation: someone had listed my number.  And then he asked again if maybe I wanted to have just a bit of sex.

That was the beginning of a long story of wrong number calls for me.
While I was working (circa 2006) the same old lady called me several times a day asking for her grandson.  Most times she woke me up very early in the morning and called a few times non-stop.  This mostly on mornings were I had been working third shift. I’m not ashamed to say sometimes my answers were not very polite.

Then a few weeks ago I began receiving text messages directed at a “Joel”.  Joel owed money to this person who was trying to make him reason and pay before things had to escalade via the legal way.  He wanted him to know he was only asking for what was his.

After a few days the person tried to contact Joel again, this time to let him know that if he didn’t responded he was going to find him at work and maybe make a scene, did he wanted that?  It could all be resolved if he received his money.  Or he could sue him and THAT would be a pain.  For both of them!

I began to feel really bad for Joel because someone was trying to threaten him with some sort of lawsuit for money and he didn’t even know.  And I felt bad for the guy trying to collect his money because I’ve been there, it’s so uncomfortable.  The detail was the person thought Joel was reading the messages because I was.

After much debating I decided to  send a text message back telling the guy that he had the wrong number, I wasn’t Joel.  Joel wasn’t getting all his threats because Joel probably gave him the wrong number on purpose. Sneaky Joel.  But he could think that I was Joel and I was just lying to avoid paying him and he could get angry and send me many more text messages and even begin calling to insult me.   That’s what wrong numbers do in my case.

At the end of that day I got a text message back “disculpe hermano” (“sorry brother”which by the way, why assume I’m a guy?).

My faith in humanity grew about thirty percent.

Have a great day!


6 thoughts on “Sorry, wrong number

  1. Norm 2.0 says:

    We had a few wrong number issues too. One old lady on the west coast kept misdialing her daughter’s area code and dialed 514 (us in Montreal) instead of 541 Oregon I think, meaning she’d call at 11 pm or later, which was early evening for her. It was funny how annoyed she sounded with us, even though she was waking us up.
    Then our phone number somehow got on some company’s automated fax mailing list. It took months to find the company and get them to delete our number so their machine would stop calling our phone at 2 in the morning. Fun times 😦


  2. ady says:

    Wrong numbers can be real bothersome.I used to get such calls from number in the past,I will keep saying ‘Hello,hello’,no response,occasional breathing sound which really spooked me out.I tried calling back,same thing repeated.After few times,when I came to wits,I stopped picking up..After a month,the caller finally stopped 🙂

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