The Week Elsewhere


This was the table setting for Thanksgiving lunch.

Turkey gobbling is done.

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Because apparently it was a black tie event that I attended in shorts and sports shirt for lack of information.  Also, most awkward family event I’ve attended in my life (excluding that one time my aunt hit my uncle during a Christmas reunion though I was too young and all I remember is the commotion afterwards).

Cool people posted cool stuff

Visiting Ghent by Darwin on the rocks and around the world.

“The Rally at Tyre, 1187-1188″ Saladin And The Crusades, from Lane-Poole, Part IV, Chapter XV by Aisha’s Oasis.

Why you MUST write a true story by Writing Wings for You. 

All of Us starts by west517.

Sunflowers by Smiling to Life.

In World Wide Web

What would you do for someone with a dead car battery?  Because I’ve notified guards to led people know their lights are on and stuff but this?  It’s almost saintly.

How ’bout no more of this, yes please, thanks.  Woman compares the telling of rape with the telling of a wallet stolen.  Gets point perfectly.

It’s no secret I love the Transformers.  This is lots of famous cars as Transformers. Kid wins.

Breathtaking art installation made with suspended clock plates.


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