The cat in the lawnmower

The cat in the… Lawnmower actually.

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I think I haven’t mention the cat before.  I guess I’m that much of a non-cat person.  Anyway, this is the cat.

Along with the six dogs, three horses, a parrot, a cockatoo and some fishes, there’s a cat at the in-laws.  His name is Chiro and he’s the cat that people were talking about when they came up with the idea that they have nine lives.

That friend has been in Jack’s jaws three times.  Each of them the family has thought him dead because Jack’s grip is unforgiving.  Each time he runs away looking like he will be done in a couple of hours.  And then he comes back one day recuperated and ready for the next challenge.

He has also come home with several ugly injuries from his normal cat retreats (you can see his paw possibly infected in that picture).

We don’t have a close relationship but I appreciate him when baby J needs a distraction and he’s around so sometimes he gets some of my leftovers.

Have a great day!


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