The way I see, I didn’t loose a thing

A couple of weeks ago we took baby J to the beach.

Manfriend had insisted several months ago that we bought her a set of Roxy beach shirt and flip flops against my will because they were beautiful, but it was a big deal for us because that kind of splurge is not in our budget. This was the first time he got to see her wearing them.

He was also taking us to one of the best beaches in the island -one that miraculously I hadn’t seen before- so he was super exited about the whole trip.

I was exited too, I was just also a little bit nervous about how the whole day would pan out and the nervous was overshadowing the exited.  But we got there and seriously spent one of the best days out we’ve had.  Baby J played and enjoyed every second and it was just so relaxing it almost made me scared.  I was also very impressed with the beach:  no waves!  At all!  Apparently it’s like that the whole year because of it’s location.   It’s called Playa Santa and it’s a true gem.

The only slight annoyance from the whole thing was carrying all the stuff.  It gets heavy with a toddler, plus we wanted to cook while we were over there, and it was just a lot.  I spent the whole day before the trip getting everything ready and I just dreaded the moment when we had to pack everything back.

So I was super happy and felt a profound sense of accomplishment when we packed;  taking turns between packing and playing with baby J, we got everything set in about half an hour.  Cue me doing the winning dance while walking back to the car.

And then while we were already halfway on the trip back home (which was about two hours) I felt a pang on my chest.  I had taken baby J’s flip flops off and put them in her stroller… which had been shaken almost upside down while prepping other stuff and I just felt that they weren’t in the car.

Manfriend got so upset it took him over a week to get over the loss.  You might think this is exaggerated, I agree, but he has a point:  I have basically lost one thing every time we go out on big trips.  Hair accessories, sippy cups, a Chicco stroller.

Oh, yes, I lost a whole stroller.

One that looked like this and was a gift from my mother because we couldn’t afford it.  I had to wait five hours in an office with baby J by myself because it was pouring outside after an appointment and I was exhausted.  Manfriend picked me up told me to get in the car after setting baby J inside, I thought he was going to take care of the stroller but he didn’t and I just floored the car out of there and left the stroller right there in the parking lot.

I wasn’t as lucky this time and the stroller obviously disappeared that same day.

In my defense:  I lost the stroller, but I didn’t lose the baby.

Actually, I think that’s why I keep forgetting all the other stuff.  I just employ all the brain cells into making sure of her well being.

I apologised to her for loosing her flip flops, but I hope when she’s older she can understand that I would give thousands flip flops for all the fun we had at the beach together.


11 thoughts on “The way I see, I didn’t loose a thing

  1. kimlhine says:

    Flip flops are easily replaceable, but I bet you took photos that will show your little family having a great day out and enjoying time together. THOSE things are no replaceable, sure you can go another day but she will be older and so will you and so will he, and the weather might not be as good. I personally, would rather have those memories and the photos than the flip flops.

    Great post, thanks for taking us all to the beach with you.

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  2. prior says:

    I can relate – on so much here – and a few years ago I lost gold earrings at the beach – my favorite ones too – and on the way out (we were walking from my mom’s place) and I said to myself – “take out your earrings because you have lost a couple of pairs before” – but I ignored that – and well, lost my earrings. Now I never wear them there – but you know, my nieces helped me look and the next day when we saw the man with the metal finder – one of my nieces said it may have been dinner for him (and I did not pay a lot for them, they just fit really well) anyhow, I realized that sometimes a loss really can bless someone else – ya just never know. but this is why I do not buy expensive sunglasses – I lose them all the time (also – you may want to double check the spelling on lose vs. lose 😉 ) –
    and strollers – guess what – my man friend broke numerous ones – from opening them rough or slamming them down – and we still have an ongoing joke about the “stroller breaker” – lol – anyhow, fun story and I hope you do not lose anything on your next trip…

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    • narami says:

      Thank you for sharing all this prior! Relating to someone else makes me feel a little less like I failed 🙂
      The very first thing I thought was that someone else found them and they had to love them as much as we did when we saw them, and another girl got to wear them and enjoy them. It was my only solace!
      And I can’t believe you went through more than two strollers?! OMG!

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      • prior says:

        yes we did – but that was also over many years – and well, that was a long time ago – and it is another reason why I really liked your “strolling” post (silhouette) – it brought me back to some special days. 🙂 hope you have a great rest of your week….

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