Dancing Mondays: Almost Christmas Edition

Look, I know we haven’t even celebrated Thanksgiving.  I’m the first person voting to wait just a tiny bit more to officially welcome Christmas:  as much as I love Christmas I think some of the magic goes away when you start to see Christmas trees up since September -and some stores did have them!- and specially since Puerto Rican Christmases last until AFTER January sixth, when we celebrate the Three Kings Day.

BUT, if I wait until Christmas is here to share this it won’t have any flare left, and I want you to feel the flare.  You need to listen to this and still feel a bit giddy that the season is coming and it will sound THIS good.  Or better!

So, here.  Michael Bublé and Idina Menzel giving you Baby is Cold Outside, lip synced by adorable kids.

And Kristen Bell singing Text Me Merry Christmas with that sweet voice of her.


The season is ALMOST HERE!  Rejoice this Monday, and dance a little!


PS:  Last Monday post had a few videos missing, I fixed all the ones I could find.  You can now listen to the music here.


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