The Week Elsewhere


Jaden and Willow Smith just gave me all the words I’ll ever need to use if I want to leave someone dumfounded in the middle of a conversation.  Preferably a serious and deep one.

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At grandmas.

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Cool people posted cool stuff

Blinded by rage in JM Lysun.

Zinnia by Paul Militaru.

Sparkling or still by Living and Loving.

Take Ten at Kerry C. Adventures.

The Three Fates at La Audacia De Aquiles.


In the World Wide Web

Original Harry Potter sketches O_o

Veiled figures carved out of marble by Antonio Corradini.

I remember something like this happening here (in Puerto Rico) a couple of years back, but she walked into a fountain.  I can hear my grandmother telling me to “look where you’re going!” while it’s happening.

If Bono is not available, there’s Jimmy.


Happy day to you!



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