This is how music goes around over there

This Dancing Monday is a reblog from a few years back because I was listening to a few songs from this playlist and I want to take you back to the lab I used to work in and show you the fun we had. There’s a story of how we met each song and the wonderful people that I shared this with.
I how you enjoy it!

Have a great, and dancing Monday!

de monte y mar

So the first shift of my area is full of old people.  By old people I mean people over forty.  And they are all absolutely crazy and whimsical and I love them for it.

Every time I have to work the first shift (like overtime Saturday’s for example) they share their latest news and jokes and I try to go to each desk and have a little conversation with each of them mostly  because they all make me laugh so much.  One of them, Naldy,  is a hard core music fan and has basically my same approach to music which is,  I like good music, period.  I have the best time when he’s in the lab because he makes these “concerts” with youtube videos where he shows me bands and songs that were/are important for him from his youth.  The best moments come when I know the songs too and…

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