Cee’s Which Way Challenge: Ferry time!

This is one of my favorite signs in the whole world, not that I’ve been to the whole world, but I know it won’t be taken off it’s rank.

ferry time

It means I’m close to vacation time, close to the sea, close to paradisiacal beaches with white sand, palm trees (I mean, there’s palm trees everywhere here, but the ones in the coast are somehow better), hours of laying back and just feeling the breeze in my face.

Shared with the fun people of the Which Way Challenge.

Have a great day!


7 thoughts on “Cee’s Which Way Challenge: Ferry time!

  1. prior says:

    how cool that this sign symbols so much to ya – and especially the coming of the sea – how nice. We have a few signs that are special to us – and one of them is when returning home from a trip up north – and when we see this sign that says “Richmond – 60 miles” well we know we are soooo close.
    anyhow, your ferry sign is special and I think I could smell the salty sea air after I read what you wrote… ha!


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