Tuesdays of Texture

Every Tuesday I post a photo of a texture or the use of a texture.  In hopes of getting to know a bit more about your part of the world, I invite you to join in the fun of sharing an image of the textures around you by including a link to this post in your own post (you don’t have to make an exclusive Tuesdays of Texture post!). You can find an image you like during the week if you don’t have one today 🙂  

Make sure you check out the entries of those who participate and participated last week!

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“Life doesn’t get easier or more forgiving, we get stronger and more resilient.”
― Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free

I’m never getting tired of the way moss translates through a lens.  I can’t walk past a patch of moss and not take a photo, I just can’t!

Last week there were some amazing entries:

M-R shared what has to be the cuddliest texture shared in this challenge to this day.

There is sand and aged wood at Enjoying Life Wherever we Are;  two of my favorite things together!

And Sucheta shared a sentimental texture combined with a clever way to keep a piece of fabric that can no longer serve as clothing.

Thanks again to those who shared their textures, and with them a bit of their story.

Have a great, and textured! Tuesday 🙂


14 thoughts on “Tuesdays of Texture

  1. writingwingsforyou says:

    I have tons of really cool texture…just never have time to post these days. But I will get back my friend. When I went on a writing retreat this summer, she had a BOWL of TEXTURE! It was the most amazing thing. Guests could just play with things in the bowl. (I think….hee hee…I can’t imagine anyone putting all that lovely stuff there without hoping people would be curious.) Have a most lovely holiday Narami!
    Namaste, Marie


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