Cute goat is annoyed with my fangirling

Walks in the afternoon have become almost impossible because THUNDERSTORMS THAT TRY TO KILL US of the unstable weather of fall. Fall hasn’t decided if it’s going to be rainy, breeze, cold or suffocating over here. I’m used to very distinct season changes because in the coast as soon as it’s not summer the wind blows, it’s still hot, but there’s a breeze that says autumn is here. As usual, this place is a little more eccentric.

A couple of days ago though I was able to squeeze a walk for baby J and me to get some very needed fresh air and I found the Hardcore Country Life trying to redeem itself for being  an idiot.  We walked by a land that sometimes has cows (real cows!  Not bulls that I disguise as cows so as to not confuse baby J) and right there, in the middle of the cows, we saw A GOAT.

Oh hai goat.

No, a WHITE goat.  A SUPER CUTE white goat.  I LOVE goats in case my use of caps is not clear enough.  I love goats and lambs and pigs… well, I like farm animals.  But anyway, there was a goat and I kept telling baby J to look at the CUTE GOAT.  All the while the dude is looking at me like:

Cute goat!

a face that says something like “c’mon woman, have you never seen a goat?  Get over yourself“.

I can’t get over myself you cute, white thing!  It had been too long since I saw a goat.  I guess I have to step back (just ONE step) and say, well thank you Hardcore Country Life.

I shared this with the cool people of the Look Up, Look Down Challenge Week 62.

Have an excellent Thursday!


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