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Refraction. #WordpressPhotoChallenge

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There’s one of these crystal light fixtures (generic image) in almost every room of this house.

The light bounces off the walls, sometimes in tiny rainbows, and when we moved I kept glancing left and right because I wasn’t used to the movement and felt like someone had moved.  Fun for a few minutes and then it became really annoying to feel a bit psychotic.

Clearly manfriend’s brother likes that kind of adornment (this is his house) but I’m so not into having constant movement in a room, like the kitchen where I like to be focused and concentrated.  Also, those things need to be cleaned and they are way too high.

One of the things I learned about what I want in my (what feels so distant) future home by living here:  lots of spot lighting.  Also THE SMALLER THE BETTER.  And I hate stairs.

Shared in this week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge.

Have a joyful day!

5 thoughts on “Refraction

  1. prior says:

    I really enjoyed the photo – and also reading about your seasoned comments about one’s living space. Some people really do not think about the different aspects of what you notice… from the energy to the movement… and “those things need to be cleaned and they are way too high.” ha! tru dat!

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    • narami says:

      Living here while planning on building a place of my own has helped me figure out a lot of things that I hadn’t thought about before. It’s the only positive about living in someone elses house 😦
      Ceiling shower heads? Pretty, but not practical at all. Also off my list 🙂

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      • prior says:

        oh that sounds interesting – and I was always in awe of how my mother-n-law always knew exactly what she wanted in a house – seriously – front eh direction the house faces to the size of baseboards – and well, some people just know early on about those things – and well, it sounds like you are getting design specifics down – and how interesting that ceiling shower heads are not a good thing – guess ya just never know…. hmmmm


        • narami says:

          The experience of living in a space that doesn’t meet any of your basic needs will spark that kind of “what I need is” thought.
          This place couldn’t be further away from what I am so it has made what I would like pretty obvious 🙂


        • narami says:

          Oh, and the shower heads in the ceiling are a pretty thing, and they work you know (water falls down on you and whatever) but I don’t like how the flow of water is not concentrated or how it hugs the whole shower space so there’s barely a dry spot when you want to shave for example. And again, the cleaning is more complicated and takes more time. It’s not that I’m lazy– just practical. I would rather spend time outside and with family than cleaning a bathroom (very different from the culture in this town where if you are not cleaning, cooking and working you are a waste of space).


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