Dreamy: Angelic break

I don’t know what it is about errands in the middle of the day that just slays the  productivity out of the day.

Somehow if I manage to do errands early in the morning I can breathe by lunch time, but if I have to do an errand after lunch (like today) everything just keeps dragging on until the very moment when I go to bed.

At some point though I managed to sit down and eat, it felt miraculous because I usually eat standing up in the kitchen while doing other things.  (What?  Multitasking while eating?  Totally possible.)

Then I saw this snow globe in the dinning table and voila.  Worpress Photo Challenge materialised right there.

Dreamy angel II

(In case you are curious to see it’s front.)

Also shared with the cool people of the Look Up, Look Down Challenge on it’s week 61.

Have a great day today!




5 thoughts on “Dreamy: Angelic break

  1. prior says:

    very cool shot for the challenge – very cool.
    and I heard that if you eat standing up it also burns 50% more calories. ha – just kidding –
    anyhow, I also recently heard that standing and eating is not so bad – and actually – for those that have sat too much that day it may be what the body needs – and some people are even setting up standing work stations because it is better than sitting on the spone.

    anyhow, lastly, I agree – I like those early morning errands that get done and out of the way – have a great day! 🙂


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