This week WordPress Photo Challenge is one of my photographing challenges, nighttime.

I have never captured nighttime photos exactly how I want them, but it hasn’t stop me from trying.   Here’s a selection of my favorite nighttime photos (that sort of looks like a timeline):

One of my favorite photos of Old San Juan because I’m walking in it 🙂  That’s me on the left.  And look, Old San Juan with it’s blue adoquines still intact!

It's not me, it's my stand in

An experiment on movement I did many years back where I’m dancing in the middle of the street.  Also, me going crazy with brushes back when I liked that kind of thing.

In Christmas, we dance it

Look a bar!  I don’t even remember the last time I saw a bar, but that’s ok.  I have doubled my wine stash.


Matisyahu concert.  Yes, I went to a Matisyahu concert (open that link at your own risk, I wrote that when I was twenty six.  I was  A KID basically).  I liked it even.  You can see the computer of the sound engineer because I was standing in the sound booth as it was pouring.

Matisyahu en el Anfi [Oct. 11]

My best nighttime capture.  And it’s still completely yellow because it turns out white balance is fifty times trickier at night.


Have a joyful day!

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