A thunderstorm blew our internet (and cable, and fourth TV we’ve had in this town. That’s four TVs, I want a freaking refund Hardcore Country Life.) service last Thursday.  Can’t have it fixed until next week.

See you in a bit!

(Still reading when low mobile connection is available.)


8 thoughts on “Again…

  1. sb2711 says:

    We usually unplug the cable wires and unplug the main plug points as well. The same with Ethernet. Have had a case of ruined TVs myself 😦 Do it the moment you hear a thunder the next time or any sign of a thunderstorm. Hope it helps!


    • narami says:

      Oh, we have a drill for thunderstorms! We disconnect everything; last Thursday we arrived literally 30 secs before the lightning struck from a walk outside. The day had been beautiful until a couple of minutes before it begun and then we had to RUN inside. I was on my way to unplug the offensive cable when I felt the scratch and a fraction of a second later the house boomed.
      We had an extended warranty on the tv (which was a gift) so we already have another one.
      To be honest everyone was thankful we got to the house on time.


      • sb2711 says:

        Oh…the weather…I thought it is only we who have such vile thunderstorms!! It rains almost every month now. Glad to hear you all are okay…:) Did the rains stop? How is the weather at your end?


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