The Week Elsewhere


Went to a training for the first time in two years!  It was a very long, but very productive day for manfriend’s business.

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Bit of traffic. Early morning.

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Cool People posted cool stuff:

Takeshi’s Flight remind us to be thankful.

Living and Lovin shared a heartwarming story about visiting her son’s art expo in NYC.  You will also love the art he created.

In her series OMG FACTS THAT I READ HERE AND THERE… Sucheta shares one about JRR Tolkien and Lewis. 

I agree with tea & paper: MOTIVATION!

In the world wide web:

This was in Canada.  Love me some cool shipwreck story, as long as I don’t have to see the shipwreck (spooky!) 🙂  Arctic Shipwreck Found After 170 Years, Solving “Great Mystery” 

The awesomeness of this place has always grabbed my attention: Hidden Monuments Under Stonehenge Revealed by High-Tech Mapping 

You might notice a pattern of me sharing lots of Jimmy Fallon.  Well, only Jimmy can make people (GLENN CLOSE) do things like this and have them enjoy it: Jimmy Fallon and Glenn Close Have Face-Stuffing Contest!

Enjoy this relaxing Sunday and rev it up for Monday!

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