Adventure! The new kind of adventure outing

I used to live kind of adventurously, which would be hard to understand for those who have started reading me lately because  in The Hardcore Country Life everything sounds repetitive.  All the dead animals and such.

I have proof in my archives, that it wasn’t always beast’s cadavers in this blog.  I used to have a category-page titled Adventures that is now a tag, where all my adventure stories now lie.

After parenthood the adventures have had to be modified.

The time of travel and distance, weather, activities and accessibility are now extensively analysed (by me, because I’m the only control freak over here)  to predict the effects the outing might have on Baby J.  I want to know where I’ll be when she starts fussing for food or nap time.  I want to know EXACTLY where I’ll be and all the factors that I’ll have to deal with when that happens.

I have turned into a monster travel companion and I don’t blame manfriend one bit for dreading my reaction when he suggests that we go out somewhere new. Huge character flaw admitted.

So our very first “adventure” as a family was our visit to:


They have a few historical scenes;




A mini aquarium inside a cave like place;



With pirates!  Argh!




Officially spooky because GREEN MURRAY!


Very pretty scenic views;




And boats.  Inside rooms. 😮


You can see a couple of additional shots in my flickr stream.

They also have a pool and deck area with a “war” competition where kids can represent a country and compete for a prize.  Didn’t like the war part (they squirt water at each other in the pool and/or race to a line in bumper-boats?  Little paddling boats thinguies) but they talk about historic battles and the kids seem to have an amazing time, so I did like the concept.

Baby J refused to nap but had a great time.  I might share a few shots from her favorite area later;  the animals.

All in all I loved the place for a family outing.  It was comfortable yet it had a lot of cool things to see.

Shared this in this week’s Photo Challenge and with the cool people of Look Up Look Down Challenge, week 56.

Have a great, adventurous day!


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