Flat snake ahead!

Yesterday Baby J and I took our first walk outdoors since I got the flu (which I later passed on to her – meaculpameaculpameaculpa).  Jack reluctantly got out of his favorite spot;

Jack in his chair

to escort us through our favorite walk roads.  He would have rather stayed there but his face was like “if you HAVE to walk the infant out RIGHT NOW, during my nap time, then I have no choice but to walk with you.  You invade my home, you get me out of my chair THANK YOU SO MUCH HUMAN.”   Which is pretty much his attitude whenever I bother him. I still act as if that was the biggest demonstration of love because he doesn’t eat me.

private walk road

Tangent:  this is one of the roads we walk.  I learned a few days ago that this is a private -as in the owners of the place PAID IT’S PAVEMENT- road.  This blew my mind because where I come from a road like that it’s not only paved by the town, it’s also probably expropriated terrain and thus, public.  Onward!

After a few minutes out he started doing that bounce that I guess all dobermans do when they trot that I personally think substitutes them wagging their tail.  He looks like he’s happy when he walks like that.

I was all songs and yes, enjoying the fresh air, when he stopped a few feet from us to smell something, completely normal, except;  he didn’t pee on it.  NOT NORMAL.   I slowed down and moved Baby J’s stroller to the other side of the road because if Jack doesn’t want to pee it, it can’t be good.

flat snake on road

And I was right!  I don’t why I was so surprised, manfriend’s mother only mentions the abundance of snakes here every day, but when I saw it I was truly 😮

I saw a couple of neighbors walking their dogs on the opposite direction a minute later and couldn’t help but say “dead snake ahead!  Flat, dead snake ahead!”  Instead of hi, or how are you.  

I guess that’s why I get the “city girl” label around here. That and the way I insist on wearing flip flops at all times. They took me out of the coast, but they can’t take the coast out of me.

I shared this with the cool people of the Look Up, Look Down Challenge week 55.

Have a great, snake free day! 🙂


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