The Week Elsewhere


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Road tripping.

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Spent a few days at my parents with very low connectivity.  So low that I latergramed this photo I took when I left when I got back.  

That happened.  It was VERY UNCOMFORTABLE to watch.  I mean, she was writing messages for the girl’s best friend and for her parents.  And they included phrases like “I love you so much.” Still cringing.

Cool people posted cool stuff:

Purple sunrise by JDKittles. 

Rose bud at Paul Militaru.

Cee’s submission to the Weekly’s photo challenge dialogue.

Marie shared a bit of Alive Inside a documentary about Alzheimer and music that is truly worth watching.

Sucheta shared a list of books she can read over and over again.

In the world wide web:

Mark Ballas released his album.   Yes, I care.

Sean Lennon continues to be awesomely Lennon.

HELLO KITTY IS NOT A CAT.  Girls of the nineties you might never recover from this confusion, proceed at your own risk.

The world’s most beautiful shower enclosures.  Beautiful designs and water, one of the best combinations.


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