Fallen feather

black feather

Found this on a walk.

I was very surprised no dogs took this away to play and disintegrate it, given that Fita’s puppies are now like;



and they love to play with things that exist.  And who can discipline those faces?  No one with a heart is who.

Oh!  Thanks to the fact that the puppy in the second photo is the exact replica of a neighbor’s dog, we have close the investigation on the father of the puppies successfully.

Have a great day!


4 thoughts on “Fallen feather

  1. prior says:

    the puppies are solo cute – and how cool that they left the feather alone. also – and you may know this – but if your kids are old enough – we used those kind of feathers as a make shift pen – and we had the kids dip the end in watery paint and make easy shapes and letters. quite fun. and with some feathers they can make texture prints by laying the whole feather flat and pressing down on paper.

    anyhow, fun post!


    • narami says:

      I didn’t know left over feathers could be so much fun! There are pet birds in manfriend’s mother house and at my parents; I’m gonna be saving some good ones for baby J!
      Thanks for sharing that trick!!


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