Beautifully swirly

loma & sky

We all have our days.

The past couple of weeks I had to deal with a huge issue with our medical insurance and felt as if someone had put a reversed vacuum in my energy container.

My emotions were so close to the surface that one day I went to use the bathroom, found the toilet paper roll soaking wet (it rained the night before and somehow with the wind the water got inside and got everything wet) and wanted to start crying.  Because of toilet paper.  It’s called too much crap to deal with.

I didn’t only because I had to deal with the mess and crying would only stall me.  I guess everyone has those days today, as things are.

Here in the island the economic crisis is making a dent on everyone’s attitude.  This week a video of a female doctor insulting (and cursing and basically loosing her crap) with a patient in an emergency room went viral in the local news (you can watch it here – I’m not featuring it in this post because I don’t want her screaming in my blog) as an example of how the mood of the people is being affected to the point of loosing control.

But we have to keep our spirits up.  We are called to.  The sky tells us so.

Shared in Skywatch Friday. 


14 thoughts on “Beautifully swirly

  1. Matthew Dorey says:

    Keep your chin up Lee! And remember, having too much crap to deal with is precisely why we have toilet paper in the first place! So it’s probably ok to wig out a bit if it’s ruined.

    In all seriousness I hope your difficulties are resolved soon and that you can get back to being the beacon of positivity that we know and love!


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