Cilantro vs Culantro: they are NOT the same herb!

In my last post mentioning my recao harvest babso2you commented about her coriander plants bolting.

I suspected there was confusion of my recao with coriander.  This happens all over the internet so I decided to make a visual guide so that at least here, in my blog, my readers will be clear that coriander?  Is NOT recao.

This is coriander, cilantro, chinese parsley or for Puerto Ricans, cilantrillo:


In detail:

cilantrillo close up


And this is culantro for Puerto Ricans, recao:

recao rehata

In detail:


I hope that clears up that confusion, that’s two very different herbs!

Bonus recipe:

(This is if you have already tried cilantro in your cooking and know that you like the flavor, otherwise it would be torture 🙂  )

Add cilantro (the first one!) to white rice.  I use about the amount in the picture above for two cups of rice.  Don’t cut it too small.  That’s it!  You’ll get a flavorful, aromatic rice that’ goes perfectly with white and red meats.

For any meat or rice casserole, recao.

Have a great, tasty day!


8 thoughts on “Cilantro vs Culantro: they are NOT the same herb!

  1. Matthew Dorey says:

    So pesky when things get given the same name!

    I once asked a market trader for coriander and he said “what?” and I said “that stuff there” and he stood up to reveal that he’d been sitting on some carrots. I felt like a real idiot!

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  2. Liliana says:

    Gracias por la aclaracion. Compre semillas de cilantro, soy de Guaynabo PR y no se si debo conviene sembrarlas a puro sol, sombra o semisol. El recao se me da muy bien pues llueve mucho donde vivo pero no tengo experiencia con el cilantro.


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