Dancing Mondays

It’s supposed to be Music Mondays, but for me music is dancing, so this is de monte y mar’s twist. 

Baby J’s aunt gave her the movie Frozen (along with some other movies OMG SNOW WHITE 1937) and yes, we’ve sung every song in there over twenty times.  And by we and mean me and I’m owning that.  Every single “Let it go!” But I admit, if it was this version I’d be more satisfied.

I just love how this guy enjoys his music.  A rocker that smiles, it’s gold!  Also, it seems he has more tattoos now.  Youtube is paying well.


Let’s stay on that theme for a moment and rock a bit more.  It won’t hurt.

In fact I’m going to end this the right way.


Have a wonderful, DANCING, Monday!



I like comments as much as I like naps. And I LOVE naps.

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