Active, knowledgable farmer who can make a heck of a seedbed

I’m adding that title to my resume.

I mentioned in my last entry about my harvest attempts with culantro (we call it recao) that one of the things I did while I pretended I knew what I was doing was spread the seeds of the plant.  I did this all around the three feet pot that houses the three plants my mother gave me.

And magic happened:

culantro seedbed

That is quite magical.  Manfriend (who IS a knowledgable, active farmer -that’s his hobby) says culantro is not easy to nurse, in fact when he saw that he almost fainted.  Then he interrogated me about what I did with the seeds because he couldn’t believe I had been able to get sprouts from what looks to be every seed in the world and not just the ones I spread.

I told him my very scientific technique of picking the seeds from their tops and then spread them all over the place.

manfriend:  so you just spread them there?

me: no, I didn’t just spread them there.  I spread them with love.

Very scientific.

Now we have to figure out a way of transplanting those little ones into an actual seedbed pot to help them develop because they don’t have enough space there.  Oops, active knowledgable farmer didn’t thought of that 🙂

Well, the new seeds are going to be saved in the refrigerator.

Have a great day!

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13 thoughts on “Active, knowledgable farmer who can make a heck of a seedbed

  1. writingwingsforyou says:

    Love is always the difference. What a great story! Have you read “Like Water for Chocolate?” It’s a movie too…Whenever the woman cooks for her family, the family feels whatever she is feeling…If she is sad, they feel sad…if she feel happy when she makes the meal, they feel happy…mostly she cooks with this deep love that moms have and her family feels loved.

    Loved your post! ~Marie :0)


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