New Parents: Tips for the home of a crawler

My first tip is that you should barricade the house.

My second one is to double the amount of wine available for both parents and/or caretakers.

Always have an emergency toy.   It doesn’t have to be fancy (in fact, you can tell others to save the kid meal toy if they eat in fast foods.  Life savers!) but try to always save a new toy for that emergency moment when you need something to grab their attention or calm down.  That moment when they don’t want to stay in the play yard or don’t want to sit in the car seat.  I don’t recommend this for EVERY time they get difficult, but we all have that one day when we just need ten minutes of cooperation and a new toy, even a one dollar animal key chain, can give it to you.

For the friends of the new parents: if you want to gift them something, please consider assorted batteries instead of more toys.  Nobody needs more toys, not even that really cool one.  Seriously.  But if you must buy more toys then go for small toys.  The smallest one you can find that toddlers can not swallow.   They take up less space and babies can handle them easily.  I promise they will love it as much as the really cool one, after all babies can be impressed with pretty much anything.

Segregate toys.   This hack has worked really well in our house:  I have toys segregated by place.  Toys that are used in the play yard are not used in the car, daily/room toys are not mixed with those.  Travel toys that mainly go in the car are only in the car.  That means baby J has something to look forward to when she’s in each place and she doesn’t get bored of her toys.

Sometimes the good photo is the bad photo:   We all want perfect photos all the time.   Big smiles and joy in each moment captured are the ideal fillers of the scrapbook, but sometimes that’s just not possible.  Maybe the baby is too tired, maybe they just want to play with the camera that you are using and thus, denying them;  for one reason or the other sometimes it’s impossible to get the baby smiling and then, my humble suggestion is:  don’t sweat it and just take the picture as it is.   Sooner than you think they won’t be that tiny and you will want photos of them bawling, grabbing someone’s nose, looking away, putting the toy in front of them… you’ll want to remember that too!  Plus, you will need those pictures to bribe them with when they are in high school.

For babies over four/six months old it begins to make a bigger difference to invest in more expensive diapers.  They do last longer and nights are a time for all the super awesome magical protection that the better brands promise.  Personally, for a newborn, I saw no difference;  the changing is so frequent anyway that it was pretty much the same thing, but now I have validated the twelve hour protection and I think it’s worth it to invest in it.

I read in a design web page that having a basket (or similar object) in each room of the house would help you keep organised easier and:  yes, baskets.  You throw all toys and things that got moved from one room to the other in there and suddenly everything looks better and you didn’t spend four years tidying up.

Enjoy every minute.  Be patient.  Remember there’s an opportunity to teach them something in everything and that no moment is ever coming back.

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Have a great day!  And if you have more tips for crawlers, share them in the comments 🙂


5 thoughts on “New Parents: Tips for the home of a crawler

  1. writingwingsforyou says:

    You made me smile. I don’t have babies anymore, but your post brought back great memories…and the best advice is like you said to enjoy them in the moment. You’ll want to remember it all…sometimes the bad photo is the good photo! :0) Enjoy your adventures…you’re right, they grow up fast! ~Namaste my dear mommy friend. You’re doing awesome!!!


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