Dancing Monday

All over the web bloggers celebrate Music Mondays, Dancing Mondays is de monte y mar’s own little twist on that theme.  Because music is great, but dancing (specially dancing as if no one is looking) is awesome. 

I’m going to kick off this week with some soul.  Caribbean soul.

Last week had a lot going on and it’s good to remember:

Because Bob Marley wrote a song about everything you need to know about life.

Now let’s shake this body.  Move it like it’s yours.  Enjoy it.  Feel it.  And if you wish, note that Enrique Iglesias can make a party anywhere and out of anything.  That dude always makes me remember he’s one heck of a showman.

Because it’s always nice to begin a Monday with something shiny and new I give you Pedro Capó:

He has creeped into my music vein and somehow has made it so that I’m liking pretty much all his music.  Yes, he sings in Spanish but you can also gaze at his beard if you want.  Or just pretend he’s singing in English.  The song obviously speaks about how he’s going to make your day awesome and help you laugh by existing.

Have a dancing Monday!

3 thoughts on “Dancing Monday

  1. writingwingsforyou says:

    I love music! And the idea of Music Mondays sounds wonderful….I couldn’t get the videos to play. 😦 I’ll have to go find a link…Thanks for sharing Narami. I missed hanging around with you. I’m off soon to get back to work…Have a most blessed day.


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