The Week Elsewhere


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Guard was guarding.

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The one cow.

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Cool people posted cool things:

Russell did a post on cats.  Because CATS.  By the way, there’s a design magazine about  cats.

There’s a poetry collaboration going on and Marie wrote about it, check it out if you have a way with words.  Or if you just want to enjoy good writing.

As I commented in the post, I punched the air when finished reading this post by Cassidy because it was so good.

Sucheta started a series of posts of facts that began with Anne Hathaway.  How did we missed that one?  Why is nobody talking about this?  Media fail.  Big time.

In the web:

‘Arrow’ Star Colton Haynes Live Tweeted a Couple’s Awkward First Date.  I have to do that one day.  I’ll include pictures.

This Guy Set Up His Camera To Make it Look Like Statues Taking Selfies.  I have seen the  third one people.

Week’s Best Space Pictures: Orion Gets Wet and Clusters Twinkle.  In case you forgot for a moment how tiny you are in perspective, here’s a good reminder.

One Dresser, Eight Ways: The Endlessly Adaptable IKEA Rast.  That dresser should win an award.  LOVE the last one with the two tones.

Happy Sunday!

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