Monday Mural: Coquí Típico

Last week while we were working on getting my car’s yearly permit (pain in the butt or whatever the name of that sticker is) we came across this place:

mural coqui tipico

Manfriend had been there before and had also seen it in a local TV program that showcases local artisans and entrepreneurs.  They make limbers (not to ever be confused with this contraption), the Puerto Rican version of an ice cream treat.  Sort of.  It’s like mixing a piragüa with ice cream.  Whatever, it features any local (or imported) fruit, it’s frozen, we generally like it to be creamy;  it’s yum.

founders of coqui tipico

Coquí Típico’s most famous flavor is cream, though the “thing” of their limbers is that they are so creamy, they can be eaten with a spoon (usually you have to bite and suck on  limbers like an ice).  They handmade each limber and feature flavors like oreo, cake and strawberry cheesecake.  They are impossibly good.

I shot the murals as soon as I got out of the car because I found it so different.  I had never seen a mural with faces drawn like a painting, but in graffiti style.

Anyway, we will definitely be visiting there again.

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Have a great Monday!

8 thoughts on “Monday Mural: Coquí Típico

  1. Lucilla (@LucyMFel) says:

    Hi Narami Thanks for linking back to Veglatino’s post on limbers. I prefer the ice than the cream version. I also prefer to make them at home because I can control how much sugar we are intaking. Having a husband who is vegan, we have to look at ingredients because many treats like the coconut limber or tembleque (coconut custard) is made with milk. I have substituted coconut milk in these treats. Regards Lucy


    • narami says:

      Thanks you for the handy overview 🙂 Before last week I don’t remember the last time I ate a limber, so it is really a treat for us.
      I think it’s super clever the way you incorporate limbers into your diet.


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