That kind of day

My car’s yearly permit (is that what you call it? I’ve never had to translate marbete, maybe you don’t even need one in the states!  Good question to look up 🙂  )  renovation is due this week and my God, it has somehow screwed up the rest of the week’s schedule in such way. 
I’ve had clean laundry laying around three rooms of the house since I came back from my parent’s, it’s like it hasn’t let me recuperate the control of the chores.  The darn thing just keeps getting in the way of everything, including the posting schedule. 
That’s why as soon as I get back to the house I’m putting up the Tuesdays of Texture post.  Last week had a couple of cool entries that I want to feature and doing it in this tiny cell phone while in the car seems not advisable.

See you in a bit, hope your textures are ready!


One thought on “That kind of day

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