Latest Fita update: gremlin edition

I don’t even know how to fill in the back story for Fita’s latest update.


In fact, I think I’m going to ignore all rules about story telling and good writing and just throw the end in your face.

Fita and her puppies

There.  That happened.  Four females and one male.  Three look just like her (white with black dots) and two black ones.

We don’t know who is/are the father(s), though manfriend is conducting an investigation as this will apparently give him some sort of comfort.  I told him the culprit is him because basic rule of pet owning – NEUTER.   People around here don’t neuter their dogs, males or females they just deal with the pups.  Another thing I will never understand about this Hardcore Country Life of mine since I’ve never had a pet living outside.


Anyway.  They are THE cutest things.  I had never seen/touch puppies that young and now I understand it was for my own good.  I could become addicted to those tiny noses!  I also never imagined such a young creature could be so strong.  When I saw them crawling towards their mother my jaw hanged open.  Those little ones can fight for their lives.


So.  We are on puppy watch over here.  🙂


Have a happy day!



16 thoughts on “Latest Fita update: gremlin edition

  1. Matthew Dorey says:

    Aww! We had a labrador bitch and she had puppies (entirely organised I might add). There were seven and were so cute. Unfortunately at least three had problems in later life, including one that we kept which had epilepsy. Nevertheless I still remember the time of very young puppies in our house very fondly: you’ll enjoy it until they can eat the furniture!


    • narami says:

      I’m totally for neutering! And so is everyone in the “city”. Here In the country side though, people are not educated towards it. They cage females and thats it. I don’t completely blame them, most people here don’t have the means (including manfriend) and for example, back in my home town a mobile vet office attended pets 5 minutes from my house. It’s really unfair because we had several pets hospitals within reach and here? Just two terribly expensive ones.
      They make it harder for people here.


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