Texture Tuesday: Ridged

white trunk

My in-law’s terrain is marked by a white tree trunk’s fence.  Each top looks like this.  I have never asked how many trunks they needed to gather or how long it took them to make it but I really should.  *writes it on to do list* (Might update with the info later. ETA:  they are actually light posts.  Manfriend’s father made each section pointed at the top by hand with an axe.  The rings you see are the years of the pine tree.  They are over fifty years old.)  It’s quite a thing to see.

Every Tuesday I post a photo of a texture or the use of a texture.  I invite you to join in the fun of sharing an image of the textures around you by linking your own Texture Tuesday post to the collection of links bellow (click the blue frog! [you know you want to click the blue frog]).


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