Harvested: recao/culantro, check!



Look who is a good, knowledgeable and active farmer who actually HARVESTS things.  FOODS!  I cooked with that people.  It was delicious.  Best culantro ever.  If anything happens now and the plant dies, I can whip out this photo and be like “HARVESTED DUDE”.


Side note:  picking out those leaves costed me all of FIVE stings from the invisible but deadly insects that live around the patio here waiting for visitors (or people who recently moved here) to sting them dead.  There was blood where they stung, I’m not kidding.  Maybe they are zombie stingers?  I wouldn’t be surprised.

This event has encouraged me to “take care of” the plants more often.  I pretend I know what I’m doing while baby J watches how I carefully throw the dead leaves away, save the good ones and spread the new seeds around.  It feels very therapeutic, I now understand people who do this as a hobby, except they probably don’t have to suffer through zombie stingers.

Shared in the Look Up, Look Down Challenge Week 45.


Have a great day!


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