Look Up, Look Down Challenge: My attempt to harvest


For the Look Up, Look Down Challenge Week 41.

My mom gave me some culantro to sow and because I’m such a good, active farmer those seeds stayed in the fridge until she also gave me the pot, the soil and even included a culantro plant so I could harvest something from it sooner and feel encouraged.

I placed it in the best spot I could find in this house, which is not as close to the kitchen as I would like (and consequently I don’t actually use it because walking to where it is takes me a day), and to my surprise it’s doing quite well.  Or it was, at least before all the May rain.  I hope it survives because it’s a little piece of home and well, it tastes amazing.

Also, I would be able to brag about my non-existent farming talents.

6 thoughts on “Look Up, Look Down Challenge: My attempt to harvest

  1. y. prior says:

    Hi! I enjoyed this post for a few reasons –
    first – your looking down view is so nicely photographed – I like the large one to the left and then the little ones (and you are right it is doing well- whew) – and second –
    second, I gardened for a few years and herbs became one of my favorite things – and so I just love any homegrown story – especially one with a taste of home – 🙂 – and my brother grows tomatoes from a started he got from a relative who got his seeds from Italy! pretty cool.

    and third- enjoyed this because I learned a new plant! Iat first I thought you misspelled cilantro – but looked it up and found
    “Culantro is a completely different plant from cilantro. Although the two are cousins, they look nothing alike and are quite easy to differentiate by appearance.” and so thanks – now I want to try some. and keep us posted on how your plant does. 🙂


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