Lean on me

I was going out of the grocery store a few days ago when I saw an old couple walking in front of me.


I smiled when I saw the lady’s arms wrapping the gentleman’s body, her head almost resting in his shoulder.  She was holding him steady while they went down the ramp, and then to the parking lot.  They were walking ever so slowly, so slowly that any other day I would’ve been annoyed to be held up, but that day I just observed them with a smirk on my face.

How sweet to see her effort to help them both look so poise.


But oh, what a surprise to see;  when they reached their car he gently helped her to the passenger’s seat, doing everything for her, even placing her hands where she could find support.

He had been carrying her all along and giving her all the credit.


How sweet they were, how very sweet.



2 thoughts on “Lean on me

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