CONOP 8888 Is Probably Referring to These Guys

When I was a little girl we had a fish tank with fishes that my father caught in the shore.

One of those fishes became a loved pet; he was green and white and learned to respond to our “calls”. Whenever we touched the water surface, he would go up and blow bubbles. So it was quite sad for us when one day we came home to find him dead on the floor after he jumped out of the tank and asphyxiated.
I could never get over the mental image of it on the floor and the shock of loosing him unexpectedly. In fact, I don’t know who thought it would be a good idea, but my mom agreed to freeze him (in a bag, in the freezer) for a while so I could have some time to “say goodbye” and sort of process that the fish was gone. Looking back on it, kind of creepy, but I really appreciated this effort.

As a result of this event I have this thing where I’m kind of terrified to watch a fish out of the water. If someone is cleaning a fish tank in my surroundings they better have everything under control and guarantee beyond any doubt that they will not let the fish die if they jump out their hands, the tank or something.

Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago when my brother in law transferred his three big gold fishes from one fountain to another, one that happens to be right beside the terrace of this house so we can look inside. For a few days all was dandy;  they were happy, baby J liked to watch them and all was well in the world.
Then one afternoon manfriend came home from work and started calling me from the fountain. When I got out I found him dealing with buckets inside the fountain, which wasn’t a good sign, and when I looked inside… it was empty.
I got chicken skin and just started asking (more like repeating) “are they dead?”(47x) to which, after what seemed like an hour, he answered a very calm no. Which made me even more nervous because how could they be alive without water? ZOMBIE FISHES. For some reason this house makes me think of zombie animals. Which according to the US Military, is not that crazy.

It turned out they survived by getting wet with the little water streams that fell from an adorning water ring on the border of the fountain. They just laid there for God knows how many HOURS and didn’t die. (ZOMBIE FISHES.)
They have now been added to an existing fish tank inside the house where they just kept swimming like nothing happened and didn’t even tried to eat the other fishes alive.




4 thoughts on “CONOP 8888 Is Probably Referring to These Guys

  1. tgaw says:

    Wow, they have some survival instincts! I’m glad they made it. (And I loved your line– ” If someone is cleaning a fish tank in my surroundings they better have everything under control…”)


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