Lets see how many boxes I loose this time

We will move tomorrow to manfriend’s territory.

I mean, I guess the whole town is manfriend’s territory because he grew up here, but I say manfriend’s territory because his brother and his mother live in that sector. Yes, I said his mother. Did I heard you gasp? It’s ok, you can gasp.

I don’t know if that’s a global nightmare or just mine, but coming from a family of three where I barely saw anyone else on a daily basis it totally freaks me out to live close to manfriend’s family. People that actually talk (yeah) and share stuff.
The last few weeks I’ve felt inhibited and out of place, and I’m not even there yet.

This is going to be a big challenge. A BIG BIG challenge. Among other things, I will not have internet connection until a miracle happens. I don’t even know if I can have an internet connection (which in my opinion should rule out any living place on the face of the earth, but whatever) so I’m scheduling posts as I always do (don’t make that face, scheduling posts is healthy and makes your skin glow) and my mobile has a bit of data to spare.

I’ll let you know how the internet thing goes. I’ll probably be whining about everything else.

Have a great weekend that doesn’t involve carrying your stuff in boxes!

One thought on “Lets see how many boxes I loose this time

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