Human detox

Two nights ago I dreamed of a room full of lizards and a staircase with a huge snake. I think we can conclude that, although I wasn’t panicking in the dream (I was actually fighting quite hard, but calmly, to get all reptiles out of the house, a house I was staying in but wasn’t mine), it wasn’t a pleasant dream.


I’m not superstitious but when I dream something I try to be aware because, and I might have written about this before, I dream something poignant and most times, something comes up. Like, when this happened?

I had dreamed about three salamanders hiding in a curtain two nights before. Yeah. You can’t make that stuff up.


Yesterday I received a visit from one of those people that can suck up all good energies like a vacuum. The type that will make the one comment that will drive you up a wall, on purpose, just to see your face. It feels like a ninja throwing a shuriken at your gut.

I’m tired of dealing with that kind of stuff. It’s draining and I don’t want to have that in me anymore. So I meditated a bit in the afternoon and used this mantra:

From this day on none of your words reside in my home.

From this day on none of your words reside in my loved ones.

From this day on none of your words reside in me.

I declare all your words vane and gone in the wind to never have meaning.

Off you go.


In a place where I have taken baby scorpions out of the bathroom I can’t rule out the possibility of finding a snake in my house. Heck, I might wake up one day and find baby Anaconda chillin’ in my kitchen, tail inside the sink going all “O hai!”


But something tells me that might have been the snake I dreamt of. And in that case, off you go.


I like comments as much as I like naps. And I LOVE naps.

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