And then I saw his face, now I’m not a belieber

For the record, I had all the intention to never write about Justin Bieber again. But then this past weeks happened and after writing a “review” of sorts of his first movie Never Say Never I really feel the need to get this off my brain.  In this one case, intentions will not count.


Because you see, I feel angry. I felt sad at some point, but now I’m past that. How can anyone that saw the boy’s talent (and yes, I think he is talented, you can go read the other post if you want – the short of it being that I think it’s true: the boy was born musical and he fought to be famous and then worked his butt off and made money) and watched him grow, personally, professionally, and socially allow what is happening now?! He had a fifty/fifty percent chance of growing up in the spotlight and walking out unscathed, everyone around him knew this, everyone said they weren’t going to allow this, heck, everyone has seen it before! Too many times to count! I don’t even have to mention the names of all the “stars” that have ended up burned by alcohol and/or drugs.  It’s been too many if you ask me.  Some so bright it has really hurt to see them go.  But the only result of all the planning and prevention exuded towards Justin Bieber’s well being is his mugshot.


I feel the most responsibility for what is happening now falls on his parents, who are apparently enabling promoting everything. I mean, his father was right there when he was arrested. I think he should’ve gone to jail too. Justin told the police his mother gives him prescription drugs, which he is obviously mixing with everything else. Tell me that’s not a cry for help and I’ll tell you that’s a lonesome boy trying to shed a glimpse of his problems to someone in the most teenaged way that ever existed.

Reports say his “crew” is trying to get him into rehab, but they are not succeeding. I also think, if they tried hard enough they could just haul his butt to wherever it was needed.


The story of the boy that went famous through the internet by being impossibly charming and fearless now features a mugshot. The first thing everyone noticed was that he is smiling in it. I found it interesting that no one mentioned the contrast that makes with mostly every other photograph taken of Justin Bieber during the last few years where he basically never smiles anymore. I think he actually stated at some point that he “hated to smile” in photos now because he was asked to smile so much. Why smile for this one photo? I think it has nothing to do with smugness and everything to do with how much he doesn’t feel like himself anymore. He can put any face up front now because he is lost behind it all. It’s just a face.


In any case, I honestly hope his story doesn’t end with a mugshot. I hope he finds again the bravery in him, the courage to get over everything, but mostly everyone around him.  He should really find the help he needs and continue to live doing what he loves. I hope for his own words to be true, after all, he taught too many to never say never.


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