Pseudo heart attacks get better with muscle rub

So a couple of weeks ago we had a few pretty rough days at the business.  Days that left me drained in all the sense of the word.  I was physically and mentally exhausted.

Usually we manage to do all the packaging process at the beginning of the week and everything sort of rotates around that, but we had two weeks were we kept getting calls that changed all the schedules.  As soon as we had fixed a new plan, the phone rang and everything had to be redone, recalculated and things needed to be done this freaking second otherwise we’d be behind.  At some point I just begged manfriend to not pick up the calls because I just smelled the complications coming but of course, that’s something you just have to deal with in a business.  Demands must be met.  There’s no way to avoid that.


In any case, at the end of those two weeks the spasm in my back was so bad it was actually numbed.  I began to feel the muscles contracting on their own as if someone was holding me which was a first, even with my conditions.  An unexpected twist of events showed me just how severe it was getting when I was feeding baby J at 5am one morning.

My left arm began hurting with a sudden and weird intensity and I couldn’t feel my fingers, my chest felt tight, my tongue went numb and my vision got blurry.   I immediately concluded, because it was the most logical thing ever:  I was having a HEART ATTACK.  I’m thirty three years old and have never suffered from a heart condition, not even high blood pressure, but you know.  HEART ATTACK.

I screamed for manfriend because I had baby J in my arms and I didn’t want her to fall or something.  When he came in I gave him my symptoms and he looked at me and said “your blood sugar is low”.  Oh.  So I’m not having a heart attack?  Really?  How did I not remember that I’m hypoglycemic I have no idea, thankfully manfriend remembered.  He gave me a malt and I began feeling better immediately, except the pain in my arm didn’t go away and now that my head was sharper I noticed it sort of extended to my neck and … my body.  I couldn’t really move my torso without pain.  No heart attack, spasm.  So strong it was probably pinching some nerves.  When I could move manfriend rubbed some foul smelling muscle rub on my back.  I woke up  feeling better.


It’s been added to my list of things I have to work with and learn:  how to deal with mayor last minute changes and heavy stress so that I don’t think I’m having a heart attack.


I like comments as much as I like naps. And I LOVE naps.

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